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Frequently Asked Questions

The program runs in the free version despite purchasing a license.
Licenses are granted and checked by Windows - our application gets the license from the Windows system. Check if you have logged in to the account from which the purchase was made. The license is per user, not per computer, and often users report similar problems when working with a different account on the same computer than the one from which the program was purchased. You can check the active licenses for your account here: Sometimes, after installing an update, the system has problems with license synchronization. Check these settings then:

I get a message about insufficient disk space while exporting my movie.
When creating a movie, our application requires sufficient disk space to save the exported movie. If you get an "out of space" message while rendering, you can free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files. If you have an additional disk, you can change the projects folder in the program settings to one that will be located on another disk with a lot of free space.

Movies stutter and do not play smoothly during editing.
If you use multiple layers in our program and play several movies at the same time, there may be a problem with their smoothness. Most often this is due to an overloaded hard drive that is unable to deliver this amount of data. In such a situation, we recommend transferring the project's component materials to an SSD drive, which has a much faster operation speed than traditional drives. Also, avoid including movies downloaded from USB drives to your project.

The sound of the movies plays when the movie is edited, but there is no sound in the exported movie.
The lack of sounds in the created movie most often occurs in movies recorded with cameras in the .MTS format. The codecs of this format do not support movie editing (this also applies to professional movie editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro). In this situation, we recommend using solution 3 (Solution 3) from this link:

I don't know how to make a movie in .mp4 format so that it will play on all devices.
When editing a movie, click on the 'Project' tab in the right editing panel, then click on the yellow 'Export Movie' button. Note: The right panel is scrolled and the button may be below the visible screen.

After starting the program, I cannot see any previously created projects.
Make sure you are logged in to the Windows user account where you created your projects, as each user has a separate project folder. Project files are usually saved in the folder: 'C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Videos \ crazy video maker2 data'. The projects folder can be changed in the program settings in the 'Program settings' option.

I have a paid version and would like to use the same license on a different device.
The license is issued to the Windows user. To use the application in the paid version, you can log in on another device with the same user account for which you purchased the program. This way, you can use the same license on up to 10 different Windows 10 devices.

I would like to purchase a program outside of the Windows Store.
Unfortunately, this is impossible. We sell only through the Windows Store.

I want to receive an invoice for the purchased software.
You need to contact Microsoft - preferably through your Windows account and request an invoice for the data you submit.

The program hangs or behaves unpredictably.
Editing longer videos or videos with many layers: effects, texts, photos or drawings requires more computer resources (amount of RAM and graphics card memory). If your computer's resources are exhausted while editing or rendering a movie, the program may behave unpredictably. This can also apply to Windows (icons disappear, system responds late to mouse clicks, strange graphic effects appear). In this case, we recommend dividing the movie into smaller parts and then merging the rendered fragments into a new project. You can also use a more powerful computer to make a longer movie.

Can I use the paid version without an internet connection?
Licenses are checked by Windows. In order for the license to be read correctly, after starting the computer, run our program once with an active Internet connection. After reading the license, you can disconnect and the license will be active until the user's next login to Windows. You can also set the offline license activity mode in the Windows Store settings:

An unsupported media format message appears when opening the movie.
If your movie is in HEVC format (this is the format most commonly used for saving modern sports cameras), we recommend that you download the codec from the Windows Store: ms-windows-store://pdp/?ProductId=9nmzlz57r3t7 In other cases, you can try installing the 'K-Lite Codec Pack Basic' from

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Software support statement

crazy video maker is supported by Multimedia Cafe on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Education, and/or Windows 10 Enterprise. crazy video maker is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and Long-term Servicing Branch.