Our Products

Movie Animator 3 (UWP app)

Movie Animator 3, the most innovative and simplest to use video editor available in the Microsoft Store. User don’t need editing experience to create fantastic videos composed of: pictures, videos, sounds, variety of texts, video or build in camera. Main interaction within the application is based on sliding events on the time line with help of a mouse, pen or touch and setting parameters for those events. Despite simplicity of use the application offers huge editorial potential.

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Software support statement

crazy video maker and Movie Animator are supported by Multimedia Cafe on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Education, and/or Windows 10 Enterprise. crazy video maker and Movie Animator are supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and Long-term Servicing Branch.

Muzeum Polski application

The Muzeum Polski application is intended for managing large amounts of photographic and audio materials. It allows convenient input of resources and their further description. Resources can be associated with the map and described with many metadata, which are then properly filtered by the application.

The application is intended for institutions that want to present a large amount of digitized resources on the internet in a user-friendly way. Resources can be linked to a digital map, allowing easy visualization of their spatial distribution.

The Muzeum Polski app has many mechanisms to help you enter: keywords, map position and other metadata. All this means that digital resources are introduced quickly and in parallel by many people.

If you have a large amount of digital resources that you want to present on the internet, we invite you to try our application and contact us - we will be happy to provide more information about our solution.

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Portal Muzeum Pomorza

The Muzeum Pomorza portal was commissioned by the Foundation for Gdańsk and Pomerania. The portal is a clone of the Muzeum Polski application, equipped with additional functionalities commissioned by the Foundation for Gdańsk and Pomerania.

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